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/ Uncategorized / HACKERverse®️ Event Recap of RSA Conference 2024

HACKERverse®️ Event Recap of RSA Conference 2024

After a thrilling week of immersing ourselves in the cutting-edge world of cybersecurity and exploring the innovative companies that define this space, we bid a fond farewell to the unique RSA Conference of 2024. This exceptional event, held at the renowned Moscone Center in San Francisco, drew a staggering 40,000 attendees from 130 countries. The HACKERverse®️ team was thrilled to be part of this global gathering.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what we loved about RSA 2024:

Palo Alto Networks’ Absence: Notably, Palo Alto Networks chose not to “officially” attend this year. This decision raises questions about a potential trend. I’m curious to see if other major players follow suit next year.

Intimate Events: Smaller events, like the book signing with Ross Haleliuk organized by Aspiron Search, were among our favorites. These sessions offered a more personal and engaging experience.

Mind Over Cyber: This event was a refreshing break. As a founder, I know that mental exhaustion is real, and this session provided a much-needed focus on mental wellness.

Support for Women in Cyber: It was heartening to see strong support from men in cybersecurity for women in the industry. Thanks to allies like George Kamide, George A. Mel, Rico Reyes, Daniel Moses, Jeffrey Wheatman, Val Dobrushkin, Carlos Guerrero, Keith Wojcieszek, and many others for their vocal advocacy and support.

We’re excited to integrate these insights into our work at HACKERverse®️ and explore future opportunities.

But we must ask, is it too soon to be excited about seeing everyone again in Vegas? We think not, that’s for sure! Here’s to RSA 2025! Can’t wait!

HACK it with us in the HACKERverse®!

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