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The Team

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known as the global leader in eSports, immersive, community-led, experiential vetting of software solutions. Imagine a world without sales people. Imagine a world where vendor solutions are more accurate and less damaging to the budget. Welcome to the HACKERverse®, the worlds premiere Cybersecurity community where you can touch, see and feel how Cybersecurity products work in a real-world, gloves-off environment. We hope you will stay, we think you will be consumed, we imagine you will participate.

Our Mission

In the HACKERverse® we are on a mission to fully immersify communities of people into elevating their common goal of vetting and validating solutions and products that make their quality of life better. We have long and deep experience and see the path to make this happen. We think you will be in awe. We hope you will join us.

Our Values

In the HACKERverse® we are: - The worlds first MMA for products
- Deliverers of “WOW this is cool”
- Community-led ``AHA`` moments
- Pursuers of Truth and Beauty in Design
- Different
- Neuro and Diverse
- Fun and Funny
- Weird and Strange
- Open Minded
- Honest
- Passionate and Compassionate
- Humble and Hard Working
- Of Maximum Service And finally… We set the bar super duper high and work our asses off (We are a startup…)