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/ Uncategorized / A Week to Remember: HACKERverse® Founders Take Munich, Germany by Storm at Google for Startups

A Week to Remember: HACKERverse® Founders Take Munich, Germany by Storm at Google for Startups

In the dynamic landscape of technology and entrepreneurship, the dynamic duo, aka the HACKERverse® founders (Mariana Padilla and Craig Ellrod), were both in attendance for the Google for Startups Growth Academy AI for Cybersecurity Program event, held in historic Munich, Germany.

This week-long event was nothing short of a vibrant, awe-inspiring time, full of incredible startups and amazing founders from across the globe looking to disrupt and revolutionize the artificial intelligence and cybersecurity sectors for the better. The part that stuck out for us was the level of collaboration we saw lit a fire inside each of us.

We saw industry experts, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts working together to explore cutting-edge technologies that could change the world; it left us in awe. Along with that, this incredible event had some truly dynamic panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and tons of networking opportunities, providing many valuable insights and connections.

We left excited about what the future will hold, with this event underscoring how powerful collaboration and creative thought can be in shaping the future of tech, entrepreneurship, and the world.

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